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Adventure in the Auvergne



Adventure in the Auvergne with a wee snag. by Dave Harvey, Instructor at Albatross Paragliding The third day of the Albatross Paragliding mountain flying trip was promising great things: a light northeast wind at altitude, a good lapse rate, and we were venturing into the big mountains – a grassy ridge highly recommended by the […]

Join our mountain paragliding trip, 12 to 19 Sep 2020



We’re organising a mountain paragliding trip for qualified pilots (CP or above) from the 12th to 19th Sep 2020. The cost will be £390 plus travel. This cost includes accommodation, food, guiding, and up to one XC retrieve and the end of each day. Come and join us to progress your mountain thermal flying! More […]

How to be a playful pilot



What would paragliding be like if it was done by 5 year olds?   I am perpetually amazed by my young children’s creativity when they play. And they’re learning so fast – recently I’ve begun to think there’s a link between these two, and we paraglider pilots might do well to follow their example.   […]

Why we keep running on takeoff



When we brief students for takeoff with us, we give them two “golden rules”. Rule 1 is try to stay on your feet, and rule 2 is when the instructor says “run!”, run and keep running. Even after your feet leave the ground, it’s best to keep running in mid air for a few seconds. This video […]

Should I learn to paraglide?



As an air experience school, we provide dual flying lessons which can be inspirational and useful for learning to paraglide solo, but we cannot provide the training to get you qualified to fly solo. This means we are well placed to give unbiased advice about solo training. So should you learn to paraglide? If you […]

Tandem flying at the Gower



This video gives a good idea of what tandem paragliding is like – taken on a day in Wales when I flew with about 5 different passengers. Notice how the wind pulls us back a bit as the wing inflates, and then once the wing is above our head we run forwards.  

Soaring at Meon Shore



Had a lovely afternoon soaring Meon Shore with my friend Chris – a 10m high cliff near Lee-on-Solent. Cliff soaring is very different from inland flying – the air smooth, the lift is reliable, and this allows relaxed flying – although you rarely get more than 50ft above takeoff. We flew with some birds of […]