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The Sock – lightweight pod harness

The Sock – lightweight pod harness

Light, comfy, and robust: An everyday pod harness that will take you from your all-day long XC, hike-and-fly training, XC competition to your Bivy project.

The Sock is becoming very popular for good reason – a comfortable, lightweight, and intelligently designed. It is supplied with:

  • Edelrid Foras Carabiners
  • Inflatable AirPillow Protector
  • Superlight Rescue Risers
  • Inflating / Packing bag
  • 3-Step Speedbar

We have size M in stock. For other sizes please enquire – lead times may be a few days or a few weeks.



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  • The sock-fit-concept: tight everywhere around you, but seamless, no pressure point, no blisters.
  • Light and robust materials for everyday, every terrain use.
  • Stability when you need it, authority when you want it.
  • High efficiency AirPillow, inflatable back protector (from thighs to upper lumbar area).
  • Super simple and safe 4 point clip-in system.
  • Stiff and comfortable 3D-shaped back (is your back full flat?).
  • Front rescue container with ergonomic handle prehension, shoulder connected risers.
  • Large side pockets, huge back container, battery pack mesh sleeve and zipped nose pocket.

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