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The Vivo is an accesible EN-B wing, suitable for beginners just leaving school, as well as more experienced pilots looking for a dependable yet sweet handling wing.

To describe it briefly, the Vivo could be the only glider you’ll ever need.



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Why? Because it simply ticks all the necessary boxes

Perfect launch behaviour, agile handling, top performance, great speed range, lightweight construction with a well-balance material mix with product longevity in mind, absolutely forgiving and easy to fly. The Vivo has achieved top rating in certification testing for this category, giving you confidence for flying in all conditions.

Pilot Profile

The Vivo is best described as an evolution wing, perfect for stepping up from an EN-A wing due to its long and forgiving brake-travel, and perfectly balanced flight characteristics that showcase strong stability and dampening – despite all this, feeling quite agile.

For EN-B pilots: Offering top performance with a wide range of speed – an exceptionally fun wing for relaxed flying under all conditions.

Perfect for progressing and learning to fly both better and further. The Vivo gives you the right amount of feedback at the right time and is aimed at inspiring you with the confidence to explore new territories.

For hike & fly: lightweight construction with a durable material mix (same as known from our RISE3).

How does it fly

The Vivo offers top performance which is easy flyable, solid, not nervous, yet offering the right amount of handling agility. This provides control confidence to the pilot in all conditions – comfort in flight that Air Design is synonymous with.

Thermaling like you’re on autopilot

Try it. You won’t believe how effortless it is to climb. The Vivo gives you all the feeling and input you need for an easy climb straight up to cloudbase. The wing reacts directly to brake inputs, and turning can be modified from flat turns to steep turns with minimal effort.

Flying in thermals has never been this simple – just like autopilot!

Flying manoeuvres like spirals, big-ears and b-stalls are completely simple and forgiving.
We wholeheartedly believe that launch characteristics are truly best in class.


From a design perspective, the Vivo could be the little brother of our RISE3 – Air Design’s highly regarded high-end EN-B wing. The number of cells have increased for an even cleaner shape and performance increase. The Vivo also inherits our winglet design which further improves performance and roll-stability.

The profile has been redesigned for improved handling, climbing characteristics, and market leading passive safety. The Vivo features a weight optimized construction – a mix of durable and light materials that lets us create a lighter glider that offers excellent product longevity and follows our high-quality standards in design and production, and we are excited to provide you with another top-level glider.


  • Lightweight construction with durable materials
  • Stabilo Winglets
  • Shark-Nose
  • Vortex Holes
  • 3D-Cut
  • Mini-Ribs
  • Razor-Edge
  • Sheathed lines
  • Performance Risers
  • C-Control System
  • 50/50 lightweight Inner bag

Weather Outlook

Good flying weather is forecast for the 22nd June.