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Invitation to L’île de Beauté

When chatting about paragliding abroad the same destinations come up often: Annecy, Tenerife, Ager, Bassano. But a glance at a map of Europe shows many mountainous regions that you don’t…...

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Doing it wonky – how to master asymmetric inflations

Many paraglider pilots lay out their wing facing directly into wind, and aim to inflate it straight upwards. If it shoots off to one side, they abort the inflation and…...

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“Bremsen! Laufen! Nein!” (Brakes!, Run!, Nooo!)

A lesson in Assertiveness at Tegelberg In September 2020, as Covid was beginning to get worse in both the UK and Europe, Albatross Paragliding headed to the German Alps for…...

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Join our Mountain flying trips in 2023

In 2023 we're organising two mountain paragliding trips for qualified pilots: 15 - 22 July - Massif Central - for Club Pilot or above - £685 + travel 17 -…...

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We are now distributors for Air Design Paragliders

We're very happy to announce that Albatross Paragliding are now South East England's distirbutors for the Austrian brand Air Design Paragliders. Air Design are growing fast in the UK, and…...

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Adventure in the Auvergne

Adventure in the Auvergne with a wee snag. by Dave Harvey, Instructor at Albatross Paragliding The third day of the Albatross Paragliding mountain flying trip was promising great things: a…...

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How to be a playful pilot

What would paragliding be like if it was done by 5 year olds? I am perpetually amazed by my young children's creativity when they play. And they're learning so fast…...

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Why we keep running on takeoff

When we brief students for takeoff with us, we give them two "golden rules". Rule 1 is try to stay on your feet, and rule 2 is when the instructor…...

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Where we fly

Our flying sites are mostly on the South Downs, near Petersfield in Hampshire. We sometimes fly on the coast near Portsmouth, Swanage, or Weymouth. The choice of flying site depends…...

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Should I learn to paraglide?

As an air experience school, we provide dual flying lessons which can be inspirational and useful for learning to paraglide solo, but we cannot provide the training to get you…...

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Tandem flying in Wales

This video gives a good idea of what tandem paragliding is like - taken on holiday in Wales when I flew with about 5 different passengers. Notice how the wind…...

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Soaring at Meon Shore

Had a lovely afternoon soaring Meon Shore with my friend Chris - a 10m high cliff near Lee-on-Solent. Cliff soaring is very different from inland flying - the air smooth,…...

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Weather Outlook

The weekend of 20th - 21st April is looking good.